Jewellery Week's 'Treasure'

To mark the end of Jewellery Week, we decided to take a trip to Treasure, the fantastic London Jewellery Exhibition located at the beautiful setting of Somerset House in The Strand, London. 


The exhibition, organised by the East London Design Show, is designed to allow visitors to discover and learn more about up and coming jewellers, new materials and different inspirations. The numerous galleries – spread over two floors - covered fashion, design, fine jewellery, Essence (the more ethical designs) and Emerge (where visitors could discover new jewellers' talents).

One particular designer who stood out for us was Alan Ardiff, whose interesting pieces move in line with the wearer’s head movement. A very simple idea which produces very effective jewellery and pushes the realms of the traditional. The designs by Modular Minds are based on the ‘flat pack’ concept – each piece can be flattened for easy packaging and then opened to wear. Finally, we loved the attention Jessica De Lotz pays to individuality within the intricate designs through the use of personalised wax seal stamp designs, ensuring each creation is completely unique.

It was great to see so much talent under one roof!

We will be displaying the Illustrious and Insider collections alongside unveiling our third, Fusion at the International Jewellery London Show in September this year. Let the planning begin…!


Our Baselworld Highlights

Last month we went over to Switzerland to visit Baselworld. As it was our first time visiting the event we knew of course that it would be a great experience but we really didn’t know what to expect.


Drawn to all styles of design and how they work together, we really were blown away in Basel and knew that we had to share some of our highlights here. There were so many stunning, eye-catching things from watches and jewellery to cars and fantastic architecture and these are just a few.

The Citizen booth was extremely surreal with thousands of suspended watch mechanism frames creating a really magical experience for visitors.

Very little needs to be said here other than that this dress was simply stunning. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Eberhard & Co showed an old Alfa Romeo racecar alongside a new collection of watches named after the famed Tazio Nuvolari. It’s amazing that this brand manages to fit such detail into their designs and we really liked the antique finishes.


In the manufacturing hall it was great to see such innovation portrayed through the interesting rapid prototyping manufacturers.


Just a fantastic, artistic way to present patents and so many. 

The Baselworld convention centre itself was a stunning piece of architecture and a real focal point in itself, created by Herzog and DeMeuron.