Editor's Choice Winners

Saxons of Oxford has some very exciting news to announce and we wanted to share it with you! After celebrating our first year since we launched, we can reveal today that we have won our first ever jewellery design award; The International Jewellery London 2014 Editor’s Choice in the Technical Excellence category for the ‘Man in a Cage’ design. Judged by the leading jewellery and luxury correspondent, Claire Adler.

"IJL’s 2014 Editor’s Choice winners are a set of gifted, daring and ambitious jewellers” "Saxons of Oxford has come up with an intensely technical and contemporary version of Jesus on the cross, cast from a single piece of solid silver. It is excellent craftsmanship." – Claire Alder

"This year's winners really have excelled themselves” – Sam Willoughby

Press release: http://www.jewellerylondon.com/en/mediacentre/Press-Release/IJL-Editors-Choice-five-winners-announced/

Read more about the award here http://www.jewellerylondon.com/editor

Congratulations to all the Editor's Choice Winners

Angela O'Keefe: Visual Impact - Venice Ring and Florida Ring

Kasun London: Overall Originality - The Fang Bangle

Chrysalis: Commercial Vision - Expandable bangles

Sarah Jane Smyth: Most Innovative New Collection - Aquadrama Collection