Supporting Small Business Saturday

As high street chains multiple quickly and some cities can see 2 or maybe 3 of any single store, it’s easy to begin to forget the smaller businesses. Years ago if a person had wanted to do the weekly food shop they would have gone into town and visited multiple specialist shops ranging from grocer to fish monger, gaining a relationship with the sellers, and also fuelling the local economy directly, as a result. Times have changed considerably, and whilst we cannot argue against the fact that chains have given us cheaper prices through competition and mass production, it’s important to keep remembering the small business, and not forget that they need our custom too.

This Saturday is officially the biggest retail day of the year, and following an American precedent, Small Business Saturday will be coming to the UK with the aim of promoting small businesses. Set up by American Express, the campaign is seeking to drive important awareness to really make a difference on this busy pre-Christmas shopping day. With the huge growth in Ecommerce and Social Media, small businesses have already seen a boost in exposure, having platforms like Not On The High Street to set up virtual shops with, and Saturday 7th December is a great opportunity for those business owners, along with physical shops to step up against the big chains.


As a small business ourselves with products made in the UK and a virtual store on Not On The High Street we are extremely enthusiastic about supporting fellow businesses and getting people to consider heading to Independent local retailers as an alternative. Small Business Saturday really is a fantastic initiative and something, which we hope, will continue well into the future. There should definitely be a balance created between independent and chain stores, and campaigns like these can really help to lessen the gap, promoting awareness.

So, this coming Saturday make sure you support your local Small Businesses or pay a visit to somewhere like Not On The High Street to peruse the unique and special gift options available.

Find our online storefront here.

To get involved, help spread the word use #SmallBizSatUK @smallbizsatuk