Men's Designer Award

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded our second jewellery award this year. The JewelStreet Lovers awards were announced earlier this month. Saxons of Oxford received the award for 'best men's designer'. JewelStreet created the only event in Jewellery and Design that is voted for by the jewellery buyers rather than members from within the jewellery industry. JewelStreet is an online marketplace devoted exclusively to jewellery retailing, they invited votes from JewelStreet shoppers in five different categories. All 250 designers with web boutiques on the site were eligible for nomination. We are very honored to have recieved this award, thank you to everyone who voted and for the continued support.


Our award in all its glory: 

JewelStreet Award 2014.jpg


Congratulations also to the other winners which included; Patience Jewellery (Silver Designer Award), Lily Charmed’s Gold Flying Pig Necklace (Individual Design Award) and Carina De Jager (Best Newcomer Award and Overall Winner Award).

Hopefully this is the start of many more to come!

Editor's Choice Winners

Saxons of Oxford has some very exciting news to announce and we wanted to share it with you! After celebrating our first year since we launched, we can reveal today that we have won our first ever jewellery design award; The International Jewellery London 2014 Editor’s Choice in the Technical Excellence category for the ‘Man in a Cage’ design. Judged by the leading jewellery and luxury correspondent, Claire Adler.

"IJL’s 2014 Editor’s Choice winners are a set of gifted, daring and ambitious jewellers” "Saxons of Oxford has come up with an intensely technical and contemporary version of Jesus on the cross, cast from a single piece of solid silver. It is excellent craftsmanship." – Claire Alder

"This year's winners really have excelled themselves” – Sam Willoughby

Press release:

Read more about the award here

Congratulations to all the Editor's Choice Winners

Angela O'Keefe: Visual Impact - Venice Ring and Florida Ring

Kasun London: Overall Originality - The Fang Bangle

Chrysalis: Commercial Vision - Expandable bangles

Sarah Jane Smyth: Most Innovative New Collection - Aquadrama Collection

Vote for Saxons of Oxford!

Introducing JewelStreet’s Jewellery Lovers’ Awards…

JewelStreet have created the ONLY event in Jewellery and Design that is voted for by you the amazing jewellery buyers rather than members from within the jewellery industry.  

The JewelStreet Jewellery Lovers’ Award will be presented for the following categories:

Overall Winner (Gold Trophy)
For the designer or brand that receives the most votes overall.

Silver Designer Award (Silver Lion)
For the best designer of silver, as voted for by you.

Fine Designer Award (Gold Crown)
For the most popular designer or brand that produces pieces valued over £1,000.

Individual Design Award (White Diamond)
For the creator of the most loved piece on JewelStreet. Each product page will give you the option to nominate a specific item for this award.

Men’s Designer
Award For the best designer or brand that produces jewellery for men.
Best Newcomer Award
(Angel Wings in White)
For the most popular designer or brand that has joined JewelStreet since 01/01/14.

Voting Starts on 11/06/14 and the last votes will be counted on 25/08/14.
Awards will be announced 26/08/14 and presented on 31/08/14

Being part of the JewelStreet Jewellery Lovers’ Awards couldn’t be simpler; just go to the nominations page, leave your name and email address and select Saxons of Oxford from the drop down menu, tick men's designer and click the “nominate” button.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for Saxons of Oxford for the Men's Designer award now!

Vote here:

World Cup Style

Now that the Brazil 2014 World Cup is in full swing, there has been a lot of fashion talk surrounding the kits and the players; noted in The Guardian as the 'the most fashionable World Cup ever'. We thought it would be fun to model up some football pendants.

Base on the Atlas pendant which was inspired by the myth of the eponymous Titan with the weight of the world on his shoulders, Atlas is inside the sphere to represent the concept of restriction within the mind and the way a weight on our shoulders may in fact be more of a mental limit than a reality.

For the football pendant we wanted to take the pattern traditionally associated with the football shape, known as a spherical polyhedron. This style of football takes the pattern of regular pentagons and regular hexagons to create the spherical polyhedron, but it is more spherical due to the pressure of the air inside and the elasticity of the ball. It was introduced to the World Cup in 1970. In 2006, the iconic design was superseded by alternative patterns.

The front of the design would consist of the badge or flag for each club embossed into a shield. The above image showing the England three lions. We also tried out some variations using Enamelling to highlight the colour in the countries team emblem.

Each day of the World Cup we'll be posting the scheduled matches over on our twitter page @saxonsofoxford We want to know your thoughts on our football pendants. Would you wear a piece of jewellery to show your team colours? If we have enough interest in them we will bring out a limited edition collection #worldcuppendant

Look what the easter bunny brought...

Since it's Easter and a prime opportunity to eat lots of chocolate, we thought we would try our hand at making some chocolate versions of our own jewellery. We used the Illustrious Collection as the moulds were the least complex, since chocolate doesn't have quite the same properties as silver! They actually came out a lot better than we thought (no one was actually willing to eat them though!) Happy Easter

Folow us on Instagram @saxonsofoxford to find out what else we get up to in the studio.

The V&A Gallery: Londons hidden gem

Last week we took an inspirational trip to the V&A jewellery gallery in London, in preparation for the launch of our next collection. For anyone that is interested in Jewellery we would definitely recommend a visit. The building itself has some rather interesting intalations including the glass sculpure hanging in the entrance hall. Here's a selction of photography we took as we looked around.


The V&A has one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of jewellery in the world. Over 3,000 jewels tell the story of jewellery in Europe from ancient times to the present day; from a great gold Celtic breastplate to medieval love rings and pendants given by Elizabeth I to her courtiers; from jewels by Cartier to animals by Fabergé; and jewellery by an international selection of contemporary makers.

Colourful lighting intalation that hangs as the centre piece to the balcony

The ceramics and glass gallery had some amazing pieces on display.

The William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery displays 3,500 jewels from the V&A's jewellery collection, one of the finest and most comprehensive in the world. The gallery centres principally on the story of European jewellery during the last 800 years. On show are jewels that reflect the splendour of courtly life, some of the finest designs from the great jewellery houses of the 20th century and jewels designed by important contemporary makers. The display shows jewellery through the ages including;

  • Ancient world jewellery
  • Medieval jewellery 1200–1500
  • Renaissance jewellery
  • 17th-century, 18th-century, 19th-century jewellery
  • Arts & crafts jewellery
  • Art Nouveau jewellery and the Garland style 1895–1910
  • Art Deco jewellery to the 1950s
  • Contemporary jewellery

Selection of rings using every type of gem stone fading from one colour to the next.

Historic highlights include jewelled pendants given by Queen Elizabeth I to her courtiers, and diamonds worn by Catherine the Great of Russia. The age of Napoleon is represented by the famous Beauharnais Emeralds, the gift of Napoleon to his adopted daughter, and by tiaras and ornaments worn by the Empress Josephine.

On display are exquisite pieces made by some of the most prestigious designers of New York, Paris, London and St Petersburg. There are two diamond tiaras by Cartier, a rare plique-à-jour enamel and pearl bracelet by Boucheron and a gold Chaumet bangle with a core of rubies and diamonds. Among the objects by Fabergé is an enamelled snuff box with the diamond monogram of Tsar Nicholas II.

Over 140 living goldsmiths and jewellers are represented in the gallery. The contemporary work ranges from ring sets by Wendy Ramshaw to a carved pin in recycled acrylic by Peter Chang and a vivid papier-mâché neckpiece by Marjorie Schick. Another addition is a selection from the Royal College of Art Visiting Artists Collection.

Leonardo Da Vinic Sketch books showing some very tiny sketch work.

For more photos follow us on Instagram @saxonsofoxford

Squashed hanging trumpets

Ceramic sculpture

Glass sculpture in the entrance hall

V&A entrance