Illustrious Collection

Initially designed through folding paper to create three-dimensional shapes, The Illustrious Collection takes a strong source of inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of Origami. Saxons of Oxford strive to find intriguing, innovative techniques in our approach towards jewellery design, and the concept of turning a paper object into a long lasting piece was the aim of this collection. Developing paper designs into sterling silver and 18 carat gold plating highlights how ideas on paper can become solid and real, and that opposing materials can ultimately be used to complement one another rather than obstruct.

The beautifully delicate earrings with intricate folded detail adorn the wearer’s ear with a regal air, which could not be achieved through paper, but still evoke it through their new form. A material so common to us has been elevated to a new, intriguing level and unleashes the beauty of the most simplistic of techniques.