Micro-machined Man in a Cage render

Micro-machined Man in a Cage render

About us

Based in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Saxons of Oxford was launched in 2013 by award winning designer Jorg Schlieffers.

The modern Oxford is 'the city of two halves', with the historical buildings and rich culture combined with the prominence of internationally renowned research and reputation as a high-tech business hub. This unique blend of tradition and innovation has inspired Saxons of Oxford from the very beginning as they seek to create pieces which echo a similar ethos.

Saxons of Oxford bring a fresh, innovative perspective to their jewellery and a drive for pushing boundaries to realise their vision for each design. An untried and difficult concept is a challenge rather than a brick wall, and the result is a range of pieces that will stand out on any wearer, adding to individual style with a statement of creative flair.

All of the beautifully crafted pieces are of the highest quality both in materials and intricate detail. Each piece makes an impact, merging iconic and elegant ideas with seemingly impossible designs that require the latest ground breaking technologies to bring them to life.